Below are some of our most commonly asked questions

Are we planning to franchise?

There’s no ‘W’ in the word Franchise!

Can you eat sushi while pregnant?

The salmon we currently use is high quality farmed Atlantic Scottish salmon, from a parasite-free source in Scottish waters, and it is fine to eat raw.  All our processes comply with the relevant food safety regulations.

Bearing this in mind it’s your call whether to eat sushi during pregnancy.  If you have any concerns it’s best to seek specialist medical and nutritional advice.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes indeed. As with all things Wasabi, we like to keep our packaging as simple and effective as possible, which includes insisting on everything being environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. We encourage our staff members to enquire if our customers need bags or not.

Can you provide nutritional/allergy info for all Wasabi menu?

Yes. This is available as a PDF attachment within the food section of our website.

Do you use fish from sustainable sources?

Absolutely, we are committed to responsible sourcing and use of the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries. We use Scottish farmed salmon and Yellowfin tuna for our sushi. Our Yellofin tuna is line caught using short deep set long lines.

Do you have loyalty cards available?

No, sorry not at present. We run ongoing promotions and competitions via our newsletter and social media channels.  

Can I suggest a location for Wasabi ?

Course you can. We love your feedback, and the more people that suggest the same location the more chance you’ll be waking up to Wasabi right where you want one. We are opening more and more branches throughout the UK and worldwide so do keep up to date with all our new openings at www.wasabi.uk.com/branches

What are your recommendations for storage of your food after I have made my purchase?

All of our sushi should be eaten within 2 hours of purchase to maintain freshness and taste. 
Our Hot food should be eaten within 2 hours of purchase and not reheated.