Filling and hearty comfort food

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Chicken curry bento

Chicken ∙ rice ∙ Japanese curry sauce

Tofu curry bento

Tofu curry   rice  edamame bean salad

  • Vegetarian
Chicken katsu curry bento

Chicken katsu  rice  Japanese curry sauce   edamame bean salad 

Chicken teriyaki bento

Chicken teriyaki  rice  edamame bean salad 

Salmon teriyaki bento

Salmon teriyaki  rice  edamame bean salad

Spicy chicken bento

Spicy chicken  rice  edamame bean salad 

  • Hot & Spicy
Sweet chilli chicken bento

Sweet chilli chicken   rice   edamame bean salad

  • Hot & Spicy
Sweet chilli tofu bento

Sweet chilli tofu ∙ rice ∙ edamame bean salad

  • Hot & Spicy
  • Vegetarian
Chicken katsu yakisoba bento

Chicken katsu  chicken yakisoba noodles  tonkatsu sauce 

Chicken curry yakisoba bento

Chicken curry ∙ yakisoba noodles ∙ Japanese curry sauce

Chicken teriyaki yakisoba bento

Chicken teriyaki  yakisoba noodles 

Spicy chicken yakisoba bento

Spicy chicken ∙ yakisoba noodles

  • Hot & Spicy
Sweet chilli chicken yakisoba bento

Sweet chilli chicken  yakisoba noodles 

  • Hot & Spicy
Sweet chilli tofu yakisoba

Sweet chilli tofu ∙ yakisoba noodles

  • Hot & Spicy
  • Vegetarian
Seafood kakiage yakisoba bento

Seafood kakiage (crispy battered tempura made with squid, prawn, onion, carrot & spinach strips) ∙ yakisoba noodles ∙ fried tofu ∙ tonkatsu sauce

Bain marie

Chicken katsu

Chicken katsu  rice

Sweet chilli chicken

Chicken  rice  sweet chilli sauce

  • Hot & Spicy
Spicy chicken

Chicken  rice  spicy sauce

  • Hot & Spicy
Tofu curry

Fried tofu  rice  Japanese curry sauce

  • Vegetarian
Chicken curry

Chicken  rice  Japanese curry sauce

Chicken katsu curry

Chicken katsu  rice  Japanese curry sauce

Salmon teriyaki

Salmon  rice  teriyaki sauce

Chicken teriyaki

Chicken  rice  teriyaki sauce

Chicken jahang

Chicken ∙ rice ∙ jahang sauce 

Chicken yakisoba

Chicken  yakisoba noodles  yakisoba sauce 

Tofu yakisoba

Fried tofu  yakisoba noodles  yakisoba sauce

  • Vegetarian
Sweet chilli tofu

Fried tofu ∙ rice ∙ sweet chilli sauce

  • Hot & Spicy
  • Vegetarian