New Menu

We are proud to announce the launch of our new menu!

Using only freshest ingredients and sustainable fish we have introduced more delicious options available for everybody. This includes more vegan options, brown rice salads and authentic Japanese ingredients in our onigiri.

Summer roll salads

Our new summer roll salads are gorgeous and Asian inspired, a perfect option for hot days! Also, big on size and flavour. It’s an interesting and fun choice: you can dip the rolls in delicious and flavourful dipping sauce.

Vegan Yasai Summer Roll Salad:

Deliciously crunch vegetables and three summer rolls. The rolls are made with sheets of rice paper, softer in water and used as a wrap. The vegan option has summer rolls filled with rice noodles, avocado, inari, fresh coriander and crunch vegetables.

Ebi Chicken Summer Roll Salad:

Also colourful and fresh. The summer rolls are filled with chicken and ebi prawn, rice noodles and vegetables.

Raw Naked Tofu Salad

A low fat salad option with less than 300 calories*! Some might say it’s nutritious. It’s so light that you can have twice as much! Ingredients: fresh vegetables, quinoa, silken tofu and pumpkin seeds. Also comes with Japanese dressing and goma dressing. *Excl. dressings, 465 kcal incl. dressings.

New Sushi

The new Tokyo set (from £7.95) is composed by salmon and perfectly ripped avocado masago roll, fresh salmon nigiri, mini salmon hosomaki, thick-sliced salmon sashimi and wakame.

Also available in a smaller size, Mini Tokyo set (from £5.20) is perfect for the afternoon snack.

Hosomaki Sets

(from £2.75)

Looking for smaller and accessible options? These mini hosomaki are perfect to mix and match with our individually wrapped sushi. It means delicious and lighter options with less calories than a medium or large set: Salmon Hosomaki, Avocado Hosomaki & Cucumber Hosomaki.

Kyoto set

Our new Kyoto set is made for two (or not!). It comes with avocado and masago rolls, salmon and tuna nigiri, salmon and avocado hosomaki, salmon slices and some mixed leaves.

Onigiri Range

We are also bringing in two new exciting Asian flavours katsu chicken & kimchi and edamame & butternut squash onigiri, perfect for the busiest Londoners. The onigiri are affordable snack options or perfect to mix & match with other small sets or potto's.

Chicken Katsu & Kimchi Onigiri (from £1.85)

Edamame & Butternut Squash Onigiri (from £1.85)

Potto Range

Chirashi Potto: (From £2.70) A variety of fish and sea food, avocado, sushi rice and Japanese dressing.

Salmon Teriyaki Potto: (from £2.95) Fresh salmon, sushi rice and fresh veggies topped with our rich teriyaki sauce.

Spicy Chirashi Potto: (From £2.70) Mixed fresh ingredients with a hint of spice. Sushi rice, salmon and chilli sauce.

Salad Range

An explosion of colour and freshness, our new salads Chirashi bowl, Salmon Teriyaki and Tofu Teriyaki salad are some fresh options for this summer.

Chirashi Bowl: (from £7.25) A hearty and colourful mixture of fish and sea food, refreshing cucumber, sushi rice topped your choice of Japanese dressing or chilli sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki Salad: (from £6.20) Marinated salmon with teriyaki sauce, brown sushi rice, fresh veggies, topped with Japanese dressing.

Tofu Teriyaki Salad: (from £6.10) The perfect vegan choice. Marinated tofu with our famous teriyaki sauce, brown sushi rice, fresh veggies and Japanese dressing.

New Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is super popular among the Asian part of the market but it is slowly becoming more and more popular and its popularity is spreading. Common recipes for bubble tea contain some form of tea, milk and sugar. Toppings are common such as tapioca balls that float around in the drink.

We are launching 4 NEW exciting bubble tea flavours:

Taro Bubble tea (from £3.30)

Thai Bubble tea (from £3.30)

Lychee & rose Bubble tea (from £3.30)

Green apple Bubble tea (from £3.30)